Monday, 28 August 2017

WOW! That Was Fast...

You will recall that the other day I took delivery of 660 1st generation Minifigs ECW, and was on the hunt for more?

Well this very morning as I head towards the end of my Summer break at midnight, I have secured another 736 mint condition castings and closed an amicable deal with their owner.

I am really looking forward to fielding two large forces using these models. They are true 15mm, very 'of their time' in terms of the historical research on uniforms, - remember 'Cromwell' and 'By The Sword Divided?' - and are frankly lovely. The notion of painting in a toy solder style with gloss varnish, is almost orgasm inducing.

And when I say 'mint' I mean just that. See:

However I still need dragons, generals and artillery, as well as a full list of the models which were originally produced. Can anyone help?


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