Friday, 8 September 2017

Goodnight 'Gunther'... R.I.P Tony Cheetham of SWS and Brights Regiment

I am saddened to have to announce the passing of Tony Cheetham, known affectionately to his friends as 'Gunther'.

Tony was a member of both Sheffield Wargames Society and Bright's Regiment of the ECWS and was a legendary character.

He was one of most genuine people you could ever meet and was always honest and unswayed by gossip, politics or other rubbish.

He was a force of nature of sorts, who lived life on his terms - exactly how one should aspire to live.

As a gamer he was a brilliant painter and one of the few who I held in high regard for his skill and precision with a brush, as a fellow artist and professional.

I first met Gunther whilst I was trying to find purchase in a push of pike, scrabbling and grabbing blindly in what was to all intents and purposes an armoured scrum. At last I managed to get a firm grip with my gauntleted hands and the air was pierced with a tremendous yell and roar of 'OOOWWWWWW ME GROLLIES*!'

It seemed that I had grabbed Gunther by the balls and was using them as purchase.

At the end of the battle, when the sweep of the field was done for stray cartridges and the like, Gunther was hear to ask if anyone had found his 'grollies' and with the wit so beloved of Bright's the chant of 'Gunther's unters, Gunther's unters...' was taken up as the sweep continued.

Rest in peace Tony, and get the drinks in mate, because we'll all be meeting again soon.

2017 is truly a year of tears.


* Grollies are of course the testicles.


  1. I feel for you man, you have lost lots of people that you knew. A drink for everyone we knew in a different life!

  2. Thanks. I confess that I have just had a massive rant at the universe...


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