Sunday, 10 September 2017

Hell Comes To Christmas Town

Every so often, I get an idea based on something that's just too good to miss... Sometimes I wonder if I am right in the head to do that. Today is one of those times.

You may have seen in the early 2000s a range for the Santa Claus Wars by Wargames Supply Dump which closed down earlier this year.

The basic premise is that Jack Frost, assisted by animated snowmen and yetis are assaulting Santas domain, which is being protected by Santa himself, his lady wife and a motley assortment of elves and fairies.; Oh, and talking fir trees - you know, those animated ones which make the singing bass look classy.


Well, I did a deal for pennies on the pound this very day which sees me becoming the proud owner of over 500 of these models, all mint and sealed, and being that kind of lunatic, a display game is being formulated in my twisted mind.

Picture a homely log cabin with adjoining workshops, surrounded by giant candy canes and the like. Add a few penguins, igloos and Inuit; Maybe a walrus or two or cheeky polar bear. All is happy and peaceful at the North Pole.

But wait, Jack Frost has got it in his head to remove Santa from office, and has created an army of murderous snowmen, aided by local yeti tribes who are none too happy at the loss of historical hunting grounds to the ever expanding Xmas compound.

Let battle commence...

Now, I have ended up with a few extra models of Santa, so what to do with them? Well, every Xmas we see department stores opening grottoes, so let's imagine a unit or two of these ersatz Santas, none of whom look as bright or cheery as the Big Man. They are mediocre troops, but any time TBM, suffers a wound which would remove him from play, a DSS may be removed and Santa placed with the DSS's parent unit.

Now, the talking fir trees; Yes, well...

They are marked on a secret map, and actual trees are placed instead. When an enemy comes within a normal move of any tree in the unit, the real trees are replaced with the models, who begin their merry festive songs. This allows them to immediately close with the enemy and make one attack due to the surprise factor.

I am also thinking of adding some of the 15mm ACW teddy bears and the 25mm toy soldiers from Eureka to bring in an extra dash of colour - as if it was needed.

And so, you'll understand why I am questioning my own sanity.


PS: Yes, I have also considered having a sculptor produce a boy and his toy tiger.


  1. Now THAT is a plan!. Looking forward to seeing where this goes!. No flying raindeer?.

  2. I have a lot of twisted ideas... :)

  3. I may have that in my obituary 😀

  4. Look forward to seeing pictures. I have the set of Santa Clause War miniatures and the rules, just missing the Fairy with 2 SMGs. Plan to get them painted for Christmas.


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