Saturday, 16 September 2017

Pottering About...

After a really heavy working week, the memsahib had a really great day today at World Of Wizardry 2. It's the first time the Death Eater costume has been to a specifically Potter convention and the response was absolutely amazing. 

I literally lost count of the number of photo requests - Seriously.

A great event if you've not been

Highlight of the day in terms of recognition was when they called to me from the stage to enter the costume competition and when I declined, the crowed all shouted 'Go on'. 

But I declined as for me the faces of those who asked for pictures and the general buzz were enough.

It was great to see my old friend Jo and her partner who were trading there.

Breakfast buffet was excellent. I was so hot that I had to go for a round of drinks and a bite to eat. As the bar and grill was out of the way, I could remove my mask and face coverings and not be seen out of character - a big thing of mine.

All in all a superb day, and I think that the memsahib took a few pics at the same time as others were taking them and I'll post them in due course.

Now, to relax a little and take some pain relief...


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