Friday, 13 October 2017

Awa' Awa' - But properly dressed...

Well, it's been a hectic week on the domestic front, but I did manage to place an order with always helpful Allan Lumley over at Lancashire Games for 616 painted 15mm figures to allow me to refight Culloden.

I have wanted to 'do' that battle since the mid 80s after seeing it at Triples in 6mm. I never liked the look of it in 28mm - I don't know why - but 15mm was on the cards a few times. However, as I paint for a living and have zero time or inclination to paint things myself, I decided to go with Allan as I love the gloss finish, old school basing (you know, proper paint and tetrion basing, not static grass which is the norm these new fangled days.

I have worked at a flexible 1:30 ratio as it makes for nice sized units which retain a good aesthetic value. I have been reading like mad and giving myself a refresher course.

I fear I may have swamped Allan with more detail than he probably needs, bit I am a little OCD like that.

Yesterday I finally picked up my bespoke suit from my tailor after a 6 month wait, and despite the fact that I am have on the wrong shirt (it being cut for field ports and so quite long and loose; and that my hair does need a trim on the back and sides, I am very happy indeed.

You will recall that this whole smartening up was after suffering the stench and sartorial disarray at Vapnartak back at the start of the year.

Well, I for one will not be found wanting in that regard.


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