Sunday, 8 October 2017

Monster Comic Con - Meh!

Well, Monster Comic Con in Doncaster was a disappointment. The vibe was subdued... Massive venue, lots of trade but a distinct lack of people.

The so called 'Cosplay Guests' were a waste of time... They were supposedly giving presentations, but frankly the info was non existent. Also having 4 nubiles in leotards etc, did no really send out a message of inclusion which we hear so much about. No male presence on 'Lechers Row', no Over-30 cosplayers on there... Do it right or don't bother. I could have walked up there with no preparation and presented something better off the cuff.

True to form the 'camera carrying mid-life crises' brigade appeared, gently sweating and fiddling with their lens caps - And no I DON'T think that many of these fellows are doing anything more than adding to an unsavoury personal gratification album.

As I said, the trade element was good, and I purchased a Polar Lights 'ECTO 1' kit and nerly spent £300 on a set of 4 Mattel 12" Ghostbusters figures - Nearly.

Was it worth the £12.50 advance early bird ticket cost? Certainly not. And if you arrived at the door and wanted that 1 hour start on the masses (who did not materialise) it was going to cost you an eye watering £15.00.

By 2PM I was thoroughly bored, and for the first time ever, I actually removed my hood and mask in the venue.


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