Wednesday, 6 December 2017

WAAAARGH! For The Blood God...

Recon at Pudsey last weekend was a pleasant little show as always. It's not about massive display games, it's more parochial with a H.O.T.T tournament. a selection of fun participation games and a nice little selection of traders which, would benefit perhaps from some more manufacturers rather than quite so many re-sellers, but how many shows do you know where you can get 3 tickets, 3 good bacon sandwiches and 3 hot drinks with change from £20?

The bring and buy was doing brisk trade with usual slime ball dealers trying to snap up fast re-sale items. That aside, there were some nice bargains to be had but not many complete armies.

I picked up a rather nice metal Treeman for the memsahib's Sylvaneth army and a couple of other little bits, so it was a fun day out. 

As an aside we took the memsahib's mother with us as she has never really understood what it is I get up to, and she loved it and, was made welcome when she looked at displays and asked questions. 


When I got home, I did a bit of online shopping and acquired two nicely painted models for a very reasonable £35 for the Neferata and £10 for a Balrog:

On Sunday, I was laid in bed, listening to the Sunday Service on Radio 4, sipping coffee and surfing the web, when I came across a rather nice Age Of Sigmar Khorne Bloodbound army at £500.00. I wasn't actually looking for an army, but I offered £400 and the offer was accepted as long as I paid that day.

Mighty lord of khorne
4 Khorgoraths
5 Wrathmongers
40 Blood Warrors
75 Reavers3 Exalted death bringers
5 slaughter priests 
2 blood secraters 
1 skull grinder
1 skaar blood wrath
1 aspiring death bringer 
3 blood stokers 
Champion of chaos (silver tower) 
Battle tome 
Index reference card set

Then yesterday, I bagged an absolute bargain in the shape of a superbly painted Ork Megaboss on Maw Beast, which I paid bare plastic price for:

I also bagged a few more items, but I'll leave those for a future and more specialised post. Until then...


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