Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Twilight Arrives And Vapnartak Passes

It's been a while since I put fingers to keyboard due to heavy workloads (no complaints from me there, as it pays the tailor's and vintner's bills and funds my rakish lifestyle) and a shorter than normal working mont, what with it being February.

Last week, I managed to get my hands on a rather nice copy of the Twilight 2000 RPG in it's 1st edition along with 7 supplements for slightly more than £100. This was more than I think reasonable, but the condition was nice and they were there for the taking.

T2000 or (WW3 The RPG as it's known in these parts) has been a favourite of mine down the years as it tied the two sides of my hobby together very nicely indeed and, being well written presented, is one of those games you can sit and read just for the hell of it.

The later edition of the game was 'sexed up' and for me, it lost some of it's feel.

I've not found the time yet to indulge myself in it's pages yet , but it's on my 'to do' list.

On Sunday, we made the annual trip to Vapnartak at York racecourse, stopping off at a very nice diner just outside of York in what was once a Little Chef. The menu was reasonably priced, the food and coffee very good indeed and it cost £10 per person including gratuities. Not for us the greasy pasty and instant beverage of York racecourse.

 I am pleased to report, the personal hygiene rating of those attending the show had improved after last year's stench-fest. In fact there was a noticeable improvement in the overall sartorial standards too, with plenty of tweeds, caps and sensible brogued footwear as is right and proper.

The show seemed a bit livelier than last year too, but I managed to spend a mere £144.50 which was later reduced to £84.50 after I flipped a £25 purchase for £60.

The day was only marred by repeated evacuations due to false alarms. In the end we just said 'fuck it!' and sat there drinking our tea and coffee.

However, this is the last show we will be attending this year, because the traders in attendance are becoming very 'cookie cutter' and there is only so much 28mm plastic WW2, Medieval and Dark Age product that a gamer needs or can look at without bleeding from the eyes.

I never thought I'd be witnessed saying 'Well, there's no point in going to 'X' or 'Y' show, because there's nothing of interest for me.'

But there you have it...


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