Saturday, 23 June 2018

Of tiny churches and imaginary characters

Well, it's been another very busy week for-wise, which is great of course as it pays my mortgage and stuff like that.

Allan at Lancashire Games has taken delivery of my first 900 or so Perry Miniatures  and I'll be sending more in the very near future, which, are already paid for of course.

It's worth noting that Lancashire have a 15% off everything sale until the end of June, including painting which means I made a considerable saving and explains why I paid in advance for past 2 of my Marston Moor project. I am not a poor man (and I am mindfully grateful to the powers that be) but if I can get more bang for my buck, I'll do so.

Allans 25mm painter is a guy I trust, which coming from such a fickle fellow professional with my background, I think it speaks volumes.

On Thursday of this week, Dave Bodley at Grand Manner delivered the rather wonderful church from his medieval range, replete with boundary walls, wicket gates, village cross and fully sculpted graveyard.

At £212.00 plus shipping this is not a model for frugally minded or shoestring gamer, but it's a massive and superb model which will look superb on our 14x6 table once the log cabin is built, here at Fackham Hall.

As they say, you get what you pay for, and I'm very much into doing it the right way, with the right budget. You either go big or go home... Or to put it bluntly, get your hand in your wallet, or piss off!

Even when we were kids, Roger and I were mixing with the 'big boys' of the hobby such as Ian Smith, Mick Rothenburg and in Roger's case, Peter Gilder (may Gygax bless his soul). We absorbed by cultural osmosis the old way of doing things - you know, 'proper' armies.

Today I went over to the 'Philosopher's Dome' Harry Potter convention in Buxton, taking my Death Eater costume for it's last outing.

It was a fun day but the attendees were for the most part a reserved bunch. By 1PM my arthritis was giving me hell and so, we wobbled off to have a rather nice lunch in Buxton,and thence a leisurely drive homewards, stopping in at Waitrose  for some avocados and port. On the way, I gifted the robes and tunic to a new custodian, in the shape of my son-in-law.

I've just commissioned a new set of robes which are being crafted over in Maryland, U.S by the talented 'Magic Needle Creations' based on this outfit, made by the same talented lady:

I'm in no rush as my main focus at present is the completion of my 28mm Marston Moor armies and terrain. I'll pay for it, and when it arrives, it arrives. Besides, good things always take time.

And that's about it for this week. May you all get more games, buy more toys and have more fun!


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