Partizan & Plans Awry

 Well, we enjoyed Partizan as always, catching up with gentleman wargamer and Preux Chavalier, David H and Ken Reilly of Yarkshire Wargamer fame, as well as chatting with the Mosborough gang and the godlike Robbie Baker amongst others. We also caught up briefly with SWS Commisar General, Tim Gow who was sporting a dapper Summer ensemble.

My only complaint was that I kept getting badgered by people on business matters, which really buggers up my day out when I am at a show. There is a reason I don't trade at shows, and that's because there is a division between my 'day job' and my hobby, and that will always be the way of things.

I'm sorry folks, but I go to shows to see friends and buy things, not to talk business. Rule of thumb: If we haven't agreed a meet before a show, in writing - Leave me be as I am notoriously short of temper in such situations.

It was a warm day and a busy one, breaking records yet again. One or two games caught my eye, and the WoFun models being showcased by Peter Dennis, have me even more convinced than ever that 2D models have now come of age.

My 28mm Napoleonic plans were more than scuppered, but that's a story for another day as I am still a bit pissed off at present.

I took Monday off and went shopping for a few hours with lunch at Chatsworth, grabbing a lovely Summer jacket and floral short sleeved shirt:


I'm curently sorting another 1200 models to go to my fantasy painter, this time they are from my oldest pile of stuff dating back 40+ years. They have long been collected and slowly added to, until I now have enough for army sized formations of Chronicle Orcs and Hobgoblins, Citadel Dark Elves and the legendary but oh-so-Marmite 'Red Orcs' which I've recently managed to finish out, grabbing the last 20 or so models. I have also had a buying spree of late which has seen me spend a fortune on Tony Ackland War Wyverns to recreate some of the armies in Forces Of Fantasy as the Dark Gods intended.

Unfortunately, our Bank Holiday game her at Fackham Hall had to be cancelled, due to my builder taking it uponn himself to tackle two rooms at once last week, which means we have stuff everywhere. In fact I am typing this on a Mac, perched high on a pile of boxes, themselves piled on what was the dining table. A 4 metere worktop is blocking the games room door and walkway, along with 12 tins of paint and other household crap.

I'm not happy about it as we are now entering a second week of this situation... I am starting to lose my will to live.

Well, if you will excuse me, I have to go and make a cup of tea and sit on the back steps of the servant's quarters in the late afternoon sun.



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